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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bayern Munich's superior wing-play

Bayern are the main favourites to top their domestic league and cup as well as play a vital role in the Champions League. This year they have everything: a magnificent goalkeeper, two trustworhty centre backs, two excellent full backs with both attacking and defensive qualities (especially Lahm), a great midfield duo (playmaker Schweinsteiger and tackler Luiz Gustavo), a striker with superb goalscoring ability but most importantly they have (probably) the best winger pair in the world, the "Robbery". Ribery and Robben are simply unstoppable when in form. They are extremely fast, with amazing dribbling skills and a variety of ways to threat any opposition. They are players to be feared by any full back in the world and at their best (and being together) they can win their matches alone. To be honest many teams in the world are jealous of Bayern because of this. Of course other factors come in at times: Robben is a regular injury prone and Ribery is extremely short-tempered sometimes. But their quality and contribution is unquestionable. Either inverted with primary plan to score themselves or set in a traditional wing-play position to mostly assist particularly from crossing (also excellent at doing so) they can harm any defence and there's no reason to deny that Bayern's big weapon this year is them and the difference they make against their opponents can be a decisive factor of any match in the german club's campaign.

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