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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Man Utd's need for a passer in the midfield

For the first tactical article of our blog i'd like to demonstrate one of the major upsets and issues of world football the last few weeks. Man Utd being eliminated from the Champions League group stage losing to one of the tournaments regular "group losers" Basel in a group that in the summer looked way too easy for the english club. Taking progress for granted would be a rational answer but it's kind of stupid to say that Man Utd failed only due to that. Big clubs don't fall so easily and the teams anticipated weren't much of a threat even under such conditions. Watching the Reds struggle to beat weak romanian side Otelul Galati was actually the warning alarm. The other factor is psychology. Man Utd seem unable to surpass that 1-6 thrashing by Man City. Their form is still boldly marked by this low point. But once more this isn't quite of an answer to all this downfall the last couple of months. The true problem here is Man Utd lacking a creative spark in the middle of midfield. A passer to keep possession and provide good passes forward to build up attacks. The departure of Scholes meant that Man Utd suddenly ran out of players able to create and orchestrate the game. How could this be functioned? Well, it's pathetic to depend on your wingers or forwards to create their own chances and take them. Firstly, because it's simply not their responsibility and more importantly, they don't always have the ability or energy to utilise all of their deployments 100% of the times successfully. The question is who can make up for this empty spot? Fletcher and Carrick are not so creative and a lot more defensive minded. Anderson is good but still unproven at top level for his ball retention and vision. The only good answer is Cleverley who had impressed in the beginning but now remaining "silent" and proving that he indeed needs more time as a youngster to evolve. So what can Man Utd do? The best move possible is a transfer as soon as possible. Sneijder scenarios are slightly unsuitable (Sneijder is a great player able to utilise this role but still in average form, extremely expensive and not so the perfect model of a Premierleague passing midfielder) plus the fact that it's a risky move (Sneijder isn't the only good solution and although being the most fancied one, he remains less assured at this particular spot covering than other options like Modric or Pirlo). If Ferguson chooses wisely enough he should get the answer he pursues to get the Reds back into form and go for the title decisively just as the start of the season-it's just all about how he will decide to construct his team around this particular player. Besides, 4-4-2 formations and wrong player-roles picks are clearly an effect of the huge lack of creativity. Ferguson knows that and he can fix it with such an addition.

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